In memory of Rob Dale

Nathan Robert Dale

7/8/1977 – 30/7/2008

Son of Helen Dinsmore (deceased) and Greg Dale;

brother of Jason and Sarah;

friend of Mark.

He will be terribly missed.

Rob designed acoustics and electronics for many well-known recording studios in Sydney.

He was exceptionally gifted. He excelled in maths at school and was always making and designing things.

He was good-humoured and understanding.

He died from a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot). Thanks to the ambulance crew and those at Royal Prince Alfred hospital for their efforts, and to Marrickville police for contacting Sarah.

A Tribute

It’s a tragedy for the sound studio world that Rob did not fully realise the potential of his genius.

I was lucky to work with Rob for a short time around 2002 as we redesigned and rebuilt my music project studio.

He designed and installed an acoustic fit-out for my recording booth. It was a very awkward nasty sounding room, oblong and small. Since Rob’s treatment (a large bass trap and other tuned acoustic panels) it sounds sweet and well balanced, and I have recorded some very good vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, and even live drums which sound amazing for such a small space.

As well as doing most of the wiring of the patch-bay and DAW interfaces, he helped Mark design a stereo/surround monitoring box which adjusts playback volume and switches between different speakers and amps . It is constantly in use in my studio, and to this day I haven’t seen a commercial product that could replace it.

Rob's work is all around me, and I know I will continue to think of him often when I’m working.

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